UK Manufacturer of shelving, mezzanine floors & warehouse equipment

We are a UK manufacturer with a range of expertise spanning over 30 years. We manufacture & sell a wide range of goods from our plant in West Yorkshire. We pride ourselves on being a British manufacturer & have the facility to make bespoke items.

  • Fully adjustable shelving
  • Hanging garment storage rails
  • Speed rail & slick Rail systems
  • Benches, workstations & packing tables
  • Mobile rails, jets & trolleys
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Staircases
  • Barriers, bollards, rack end protection
  • & much more……..

Looking for good quality used – almost perfect without the high price tag

We are selling good quality used, seconds, changed orders that don’t quite reach our high standards but are of great quality.


We are a UK manufacturer & sell off the products that don’t quite meet our stringent high standards for new products. Our Shelving is heavy duty & manufactured by our highly skilled staff.

We have been asked more & more for second hand products as the materials last for a long time, we have shelving & hanging garment systems that are still in used some 35 years later. So it makes sense to be able to offer the products we make where the paintwork isn’t quite correct, or a customer changed there mind on colour or the specification after the products have been manufactured. Sometimes items will just be sold off to create space in our warehouse this gives our customers the opportunity to buy almost perfect shelving

Warehouse equipment


The items we don’t manufacture we pride ourselves on sourcing good new & second hand equipment at excellent prices so then you can get the goods you want at a great price. We have been in this industry for nearly forty years & have the expertise and contacts to source the best possible products as the very best price.

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